We’ve published manga contents that has new experienced or excited. It’s not just a comic.

Publishing Title -Rosary Bless-

Rosary Bless is  fantasy story that has made by Japanese creator.  Almost key items or world view is drawn something to Japanese cultures. We’re going to provide a new fantasy world that has never drawn Japanese beautiful cultures.

  The people relations in the AI or clone technology, what should we get to know for our futures?  There might be find its answer in Rosary Bless.


1st RESET STORY is #1-1 #1-2  Finally, born a baby between  beautiful & brave mother Kate and Emperor Daras. Their baby was a girl, but both of them have a constitution that is difficult to get pregnant, so they were very happy. yeah, were happy. 

Their baby princess Alice Landers is so complicated. Before long It will start clan of Midowl tragedy..


   “Don’t have to work! It’s OK you only do sleeping with this head-set every day.”  Since then, all the people has begun to sleep a long time. working on the ground is not human, “Clone human” is. They have worked to replace human.  They has special ability from new technology that invented by CyBer Android-clone Factory (CBAF).  

  The scientist who is working in CBAF found underground’s secret that is esoteric long long time at last.  They utilize its resource, then realized creating clone human who has high ability used 30% of brain.   What is underground’s resource? It might  be involved rosary bracelet. 

  It assume that their reset stories is influenced from them.  Why? How? or What’s happened their reset?  Then, you’ll experience amazing or exciting which their complicated stories. 

 The characters who is appearing at first is very important to know this main story.  Character each story is already connected main story that has common problem. One day, you will know what it is..  Entire concept is drawn futures that might be happen on the earth as a whole.

 ①[STORIES] really complicated.. 

The stories attraction is so complicated relationship, friendship. All character is miserable and living a life of ups and downs.  Through the “Reset Stories”, you can access to their feelings. You sympathize their stories, after that you already has swallowed by their life when you notice.

②[SYMBOLS] KANJI express themselves.. 

Each character has each soul, color and “KANJI”. KANJI means their abilities, powers and personality and so on.  Well, How about your color or Kanji? (we’ll find and be able to get for you by this kickstarter project.)

  • The character Alice Landers is drawn in Japanese KANJI “愛莉子 蘭出”
  • Also the character Sasha Cruz is drawn in Japanese KANJI “沙紗 来栖”

This is the name that express “Michael” in Japanese Kanji, like this.   

※ It’ll provide your KANJI name. Not all of “Michael” is same KANJI, such as,

“毎氣留” or “米気流” or “舞鵤” etc..

It is different from your family name, and of course influence from your atmosphere. (provide in Tier Menu!)


These are japanese traditional symbols, it will be very important key item, not only drawing for fashion, but also as weapon, as leading stories tool. 


Not only creating comics, but also compose soundtracks that could feel world-views.  Oneday, we’d like to provide games and animations  that is our most special skills. 

The comic is drawn Japanese style lead right to left. The script is in English, but digital edition is ready for both English and Japanese.